About Me

About Me

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What are Roxanne’s interests, and hobbies?

In my eyes unique experiences make life worth living and I’m always looking to expand my worldview. I try to learn something from every individual I meet in my journey. I find inspiration in eclectic art work, music, and ideas.

I love being creative, authentic to myself, and exploring intellectual topics. I love all forms of artwork, and I think of my work as its own special form of art! I enjoy being introspective and investing myself into having a greater understanding of the human mind. 

In general, I focus on self-improvement and keeping an open mind! I get personal satisfaction from helping others, which specifically ties into what I do for work. Putting forth the effort to empower a like minded person gives me so much joy! I’m grateful that what I do for a living meshes with a lot of my interests.

As an avid blogger, it's easiest to get to know me by following my frequent updates on my blog, where I speak about myself, personal experiences and share my unique perspective with others. I also post updates frequently on my Twitter account, so be sure to follow me there as well!

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