Excerpts from Devoted Clients

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What I love about Roxanne is she's so invested in pleasing you that she is pleasured to no end just by it. Yes she loves sex as much as the next girl but she loves to see her partner on the brink of ecstasy. Roxanne is also very appreciative of her clients and the way they treat her. She always let's you know your time and money is greatly appreciated. With so many beauties at the ranch this trait is so incredible. Every lady at the ranch can offer good sex (Roxanne can offer life altering sex) but what she offered is a connection that enhances the experience so much.

Being the very shy type, it takes time for me to get into my comfort zone. Roxanne goes so far above and beyond to make that happen. Each visit, she has taken the time to sit with me and visit, and do everything to help me get to my comfort zone. It works every time, as she has the magic touch! She is so positive, upbeat, and fun to be around; there is so much to like about her.

Roxanne truly enjoys her work and I really enjoyed our time together. She just has a way of looking at you... That coupled with her radiant smile and sexy voice will surely stimulate even the most stoic of souls! I enjoyed every minute of our time together.

I requested a "GFE" and Roxanne delivered. She is incredibly attractive. Her attractiveness is only surpassed by her charming personality. I appreciated that I never felt rushed. She made sure I felt very comfortable with her so I would more effectively communicate what I wanted during our encounter. She created a very intimate environment that is important in any girlfriend experience.