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by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

​I saw Roxanne in April, but completely spaced on making a membership here to give her a review. Here it is, if a bit late.Growing up, I dealt with many issues that turned sexuality into something terrifying and bad. One of my main goals in visiting Roxanne was to have a positive experience to help wipe clean the negative ones. I wasn't disappointed. Roxanne was kind and understanding, and helped me navigate 15 years of built up fear. She guided me through things, and knew just what to say and when to say it. She didn't seem to mind my poker face, which is a result of PTSD; she worked around it, and found the things that I really enjoyed, despite me not being the best communicator (Something I'm trying to improve).I have a long ways yet to go, but I owe a lot to Roxanne for helping turn things around. I feel better than I have in years, and for the first time in years I have motivation. Since visiting her, I've lost fifteen pounds, and I've started counting calories religiously. That might seem like a non-sequitur, but it isn't. Roxanne proved to me that sexuality can be an amazing thing, and that one simple idea changed my entire outlook. It replaced the garbage underneath with something incredible and kind and healing. No longer do I sit down at night and think "I will be alone forever thanks to the damage from my past."I really can't explain how amazing that feels.My only regret is that I was too nervous to do much in the way of giving, so I fear it was a less than stellar experience on her end. I'll have to have some future sessions where I can properly learn how to be more giving, especially now that I'm not so terrified.Thank you, Roxanne.

by D. Whateva on Roxanne Price GFE

​EDIT: She's a Goddess of Sex and LOVEI'm not really sure why she likes us mortals so very much, but I'm incredibly glad she does =DOkay, so, needing to get my V-card revoked (it felt like it was welded into my wallet), I very tentatively reached out to Roxanne online.She responded shortly, and was very friendly as we traded messages back and forth online over a couple weeks while I figured out when the opening in my schedule would be. She even apologized when she was unable to get back to me for a few days while she was in the process of moving(she's super sweet). She usually books pretty far in advance but was accommodating with my accelerated schedule (I only had a short window when I could leave town for very long). We set up a date, and I booked a room at the Peppermill for a GFE outdate.Leading up to it, we Skyped about one week in advance, and she was incredibly friendly and quickly put my anxiety to rest. She's a great conversationalist, funny, charming, loves gaming, and was very easy to talk to. This was followed by a friendly phone call the day before I came out to Carson City, where we chatted some more and she was totally cool with my rambling in circles.Basically she did everything in her power to make what can be a very intimidating experience (the lead up) go smoothly.Tip for any newbie: if you have an appointment at the Love Ranch, ring the buzzer at the outside gate twice. This will let the house know that you have an appointment, and bypass the customary line-up (thankfully I read that in advance).So I met her in the lounge at the LRN, and honestly, she is even more beautiful in person. She has an hourglass figure and huge natural breasts, and a beautiful face that I could stare at forever. She quickly made me feel comfortable with a hug, and led me back to one of the suites.I was honestly freaking out beforehand about a skin condition (nothing contagious), and she put me at ease about that immediately. She even made it a point later on that I had been far too concerned about my skin problem, and that it wasn't nearly as bad as I had built it up to be. Like, without me even asking. She just was very clear that it was something I didn't really need to worry about with women, which was something that I wished someone had let me know a long time ago.Anyway, we talked for a bit, just to get comfortable, and had a brief negotiation period, after which we agreed on an afternoon date to the Peppermill. She actually had researched possible activities on things we could do, but we ended bypassing that (time was a bit of an issue, and cardio isn't really my strong suit anyway). Prior to leaving, she was totally down for fooling around a tad, after which we set out for Reno.I had set the radio station to classic rock since she had indicated that was a thing she liked, but we never even turned it on as we spent the entire drive talking (ditto on the way back), getting to know each other more. She also really wanted to hold my hand, which was incredibly sweet. It was completely worth making my left arm tired from steering just to hold her hand, let alone what came later.After checking in to our suite at the Peppermill, we fooled around some more, and got me clean in the shower, which I imagine is a totally standard hygienic precaution but she made it a lot of fun, even as I used up all her soap =DAfter that, even though I had totally intended to go out to lunch with her first, she sensed even before I did that I'd waited long enough, and moved to initiate. My main regret is honestly that I didn't have a business card printed up saying:V-CardWhateva (Expiration Date: 7/2016)~Property of Roxanne Price~Authentication Code: 1337 69Alright, about the sex:-Her nipples are pretty darn sensitive.-I'm pretty sure she has a 69 kink.-I shyly mentioned I was okay with dirty talk, which she is totally okay with delivering.-I'm 1000% sure she has a virgin kink, and if all the world's scientists had the same enthusiasm Roxanne does for eradicating virginity, we would have a global cure for cancer by now.So, anyway, she was very instructive, particularly with kissing and oral. As hard as I was, I actually was having trouble coming, through no fault of her own, and we went through the freaking kama sutra as we worked on that. At one point, watching her laying backwards on me while facing me (leaning back cowgirl?), I just went "daaaaammmmn!!" because she looked so amazing.Anyway, she went to near-supernatural lengths like some sort of sex-demon demanding a sacrifice of virgin splooge, and she actually pushed me over the edge when she started convulsing from her own orgasm.So, um, mind totally fucking blown x_x. We needed a second shower afterwords for a number of reasons. I also left a pretty big tip for housekeeping because of the wrecked sheets.We then headed out to find a restaurant, and got stuck at the elevators by a flood of conventioners having completely filled the first eight or nine elevators. And Roxanne was just a total sweetheart the entire date, and not just to me, but the way she chatted up a poor old lady stuck with us waiting for elevators, the way she joked to the hotel receptionist about the giant screens LED screens everywhere, the way she complimented our very hard-working waiter. It's clear she's just a naturally really sweet human being.Anyway we ended up having a bomb-ass steak lunch, and I have to stress, she is, again, incredibly easy to talk to, and I could listen to her talk for hours.She did amazing things for my confidence, and I could not have asked for a kinder, sweeter, sexier, more patient, and more entrancing woman to surrender my V-card to. She really could be an excellent therapist of any kind, and I'm glad I got a chance to know her the way I did.Thank you for everything Roxanne, you're an amazing woman. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤-Sincerely, D. Whateva

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

Part 1: V-Card removal My journey with Roxanne started in late February of 2016 when I emailed her. She responded quickly and very thoughtfully. The impression I got from her that she was a geeky goofy girl, much like me. Most importantly I got the impression she wanted to build a connection with me. She didn’t just want my money and send me on my way, she desired to get to know me and make my experience special. I lay down a deposit and set the date for May 24th. She kept in touch with me throughout, answering all my questions and concerns. We even had a skype chat the day before I flew out to Reno.On May 24th flying into Reno I was running on coffee, adrenaline and willpower from 11 hours of airports and planes. My flight was also delayed due to weather by a half hour. But once I found the driver (Steve from Philly) I found myself being able to relax. Steve and I chatted mostly about the opening of the Kit Kat Ranch, his past job experience, and the Toronto Raptors. It was good to think about stuff other than the impending encounter. So yeah shout out the driver Philly Steve.Once I had arrived at the Love Ranch. I felt another spike of adrenaline as I open front gate. Philly Steve said “Have Fun!” When I enter the parlor I saw Roxanne in all of her glory. I remember she was wearing a midnight blue robe and heels. She gave me a big hug and we went to the bar, I order a beer and we had a quick chat and then the tour. We then headed into the VIP suite. After quick negotiations were settled and payments were figure out, Roxanne gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips and I knew that moment we had more than just intellectual chemistry.She drew a bath and we both hopped in. We talked more, make out a lot. Now before I turn this into Penthouse Forum too much, the things that stands out to me about Roxanne is her softness; both in the emotional and physically. She also seemed to relish in the fact that she was taking my v-card. The sex itself was incredible but it does take some getting used too, equally in the coordination of the act of sex and the feel of a woman’s body. Roxanne was there to guild me throughout the encounter.After our party was done, Roxanne gave me some tips about what to expect for my next visits. I left the Love Ranch, exhausted and satisfied. I was now equipped with new tools and confidence that I didn’t have before, thanks to the lovely goddess that is Roxanne Price.PART 2: The Return of the CanadianSo I was making plans to see another girl on Friday to end my tour. Sadly though, family stuff came up for her and she wasn’t able to come down to the Kit Kat ranch. So thinking, “maybe I should do a lineup?” but lineups seem a bit daunting for me. Seeing that I had existing chemistry with Roxanne, I opted to see her again, since she already invited me to take a tour with her at the new brothel.The driver picked me up at my hotel (shout out to Cali Tom, awesome dude).The new Kit Kat ranch looks great by the way. I especially loved the bar. Roxanne was there stunning me as usual, wearing some halter top and a black mini skirt. She gave me a tour of the facilities which some were in Work In Progress. I remember seeing Dennis and Madame Suzette there, but I was SO transfix by Roxanne that I forgot to say hi. She then lead me to one of the suites, I believe it was called the safari suite or the savannah suite. I can’t recall which one. So like before negotiations were a breeze. Going into this party a felt more confident, I didn’t have 11 hours of travel on my bones so I had more energy. Plus being able to put the lessons in our past encounter was fun. Knowing what made her excited, made me excited. Sorry to the cashier to knock on our door, since there was no intercom setup in the suite. She probably caught us in the heat of passion .After our 2nd party was done, she kissed me and told me that she was going keep in touch. I didn’t really wanted to leave, but these are the way things are.OVERALL:Roxanne is a special girl to me and I’m glad that I got to spend my time with her. She is authentic in every way and always tries to make the best out of the time we shared. We had chemistry pretty much since I message her back in late February, which was very lucky on my part. But she cultivated that connection with a no pressure, no bullshit approach. Hopefully, during my next visit she’ll be around so I can spend even more time with her. She is my sweet Texan princess that doesn’t wear panties .Any who that’s all for me, if you have any questions for me please feel free to post them in the thread or PM them to me.

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

​​Hello everyone,So this might be a little late, but that's just due to my laziness and being busy with work. So when I had the time, I wanted to be completely focused when writing this. So here goes...Just a little background to start things off. I was a 22 year old virgin and had no experience of any kind. I had my own reasons for being a virgin, but that's a tale for another time. Anyways, I had decided that it was time for me to loose my virginity. I didn't know where to start. So I just sat down one night and watched some TV. Lo and behold the show CATHOUSE starts playing and proceeds to BREAK all my pre conceived notions of the word: Prostitute, Hookers, etc. So I looked into having a first time visit at the ranches and browsed the girls that are employed. Already I was slightly nervous because there aren't just a few, or a couple of girls to choose from. But a plethora of women available from the Reno/Carson City ranches and also from the ranches outside of the Las Vegas area. Which make things a little difficult on deciding who you want to party with.Whether the women has a great personality, if the two of you have great chemistry, and any particular features that you as an individual are attracted to. So I decided to take a break and watch the livestream of the Love Ranch North, Friday after work. With my headphones plugged in still listening to show, I go over to grab a snack in the kitchen, but instantly stop in my tracks and head back after hearing lady's voice in particular that stood out to me and that was Roxanne Price. Fast forward a couple of months later and after some planning.I'm all set and ready to head to the LVRN and with their very helpful car service it couldn't be more easier. After having a few minutes to relax at the bar. I feel a pat on my back, and this girl introducing herself. I hear that familiar voice and just had to turn around and there was Roxanne and let me say, this probably applies to all the ladies. But for me personally, as amazing as her online pictures are. Roxanne's beauty is on a whole another level seeing her in person. So after being led back to the VIP room, which is very nice and spacious. We talked for a bit and too be honest. Having a conversation with the girl of your choice who ever it may it be, to me seems like the most underrated part of the party. For me, I was already full of nerves/excitement due to a couple of factors and I couldn't tell which one was more affecting at the time. But Roxanne's patience and kind words were things that I didn't know I wanted but was more than thankful to receive. Also having a few similar interests in hobbies, personal beliefs,etc. Definitely helped with the visit, but when it came to negotiations for the party. A part that probably most of us are always stressed about in some form or another. In my opinion it couldn't have been more easier than tying your shoelaces blindfolded.Now , I wont give away the details of the party. But I will say this, even after having some left over nerves in me during the beginning of the party or if that was just the AC causing me to shake like a leaf. Or being a little shy about a particular birthmark and then realizing in reality it was no big deal. Roxanne's humble nature and kindness made this experience, completely unforgettable for me. Even after the party was over and as she and I were leaving, she gave me a goodbye kiss. Thanking me for the experience and letting me know to message her on when I would be making my next trip. She has this way of making everything in the outside world seem non existent and the only thing that matters, is the time you're together with her. I couldn't have been more happier having this experience and meeting a unique individual like her self.I honestly can't wait to plan my next trip. So anyone that's unsure on who to book an appointment with. I'll say you cant go wrong with Roxanne Price, she is the perfect package.P.S. Sorry for writing a novel, everyone. But this is how I truly felt when I got on my flight back home.

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

​I've spent most of adult life isolating myself from the rest of the world. Anxiety, especially social, had completely consumed me and made any relationships, either romantic or platonic near impossible. A few months back though a new friendship finally allowed to come out of my self-imposed exile. And in the past month I finally had a breakthrough with my anxiety where I'm now exploring relationships with women. For the first time maybe ever I'm genuinely optimistic what a new day brings and what new relationships I can foster. All that being said there was still the nagging insecurity of not knowing how I would react when I would become intimate with a woman. My new found optimism though lead me to find someone who could help me with this and through the power of the internet I tripped upon the lovely Roxanne Price.After previously setting up an appointment I made the drive out to the Love Ranch today. When I walked in my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. Roxanne greeted me and we went to her room for the negotiation. Well it was less negotiation and more of just us shooting the shit for a while, with us talking about relationships, politics, and everything in between. She's an extremely personable and empathetic person (also kind of a dork  ) which helped relax me quite a bit. But after leading me to the VIP room I still felt nervous. After some brief playful touching we started kissing...and at that moment all my anxiety washed away. Even though at that specific moment I was still a virgin I might as well have not been. Roxanne had given me the confidence and trust I needed to proceed. I'm not going to go into every specific detail of what we did but it was an amazing experience. It will sound cliche but she's even more gorgeous in person but she's also a wonderful person who deserves all the good things that come to her.Thank you Roxanne for your time and playing a part in the growth of my more fulfilling life.

by VCardRevoked on Roxanne Price GFE


Hi Everyone!My name is VCardRevoked and after my experience at the LoveRanch North with Roxanne Price I knew that I had to share my $.02. Especially since now after looking online on these message boards, I don’t see any reviews posted for her.

Just a small background story first so everyone can understand my point of view and where I am coming from. I am a 22-year-old guy that has no experience whatsoever. There are different reasons for that, but that’s not why I am writing this. I have a big risky surgery coming up and knew that I “definitely” wanted to get this ( loosing my V-Card ) off the bucket list, thus the reason for my visit.

To begin, I pulled up to the LoveRanch as a nervous wreck but manned up, rang the bell and walked in. I had no appointment and no information whatsoever on the ladies working that day, so everything to me was new. The lineup came on out and as they say “The best was saved for last”. That’s not to say the other ladies in the lineup were not great, but for my personal tastes Roxanne fit the description perfectly. So I went ahead and chose her. From that moment on everything was great. She lit up, was thrilled and started to show me around the facility while getting to know me better and telling me about herself, along with answering any questions I had. Her bubbly, happy and sincere personality really showed and shined.

We went back to her room and I explained my story, never once during this ( or the experience as a whole ) did I feel rushed or cornered in anyway whatsoever. Along with that, she listened intently and cared about everything I was explaining. Furthermore, I knew when I saw a certain piece of jewelry hanging in the room that I made the perfect choice. (;

After getting done with intros and all that involved we got down to business. I was still nervous, not only was it my first time but I had a beautiful (10/10) nude young lady in front of me as well. Perfect in all ways possible. She sensed this out and decided that it might be best if everything got started in a slow fashion which I appreciated and had no problem with this whatsoever. So I was given a nice back massage to get everything flowing. That helped me out a ton and put me at ease. That lasted for a couple of minutes and we further talked during that to get that stranger feeling rid of. Once that was done with, it was time for the real business to occur.

Roxanne asked me what I had in mind and since it was my first time I went ahead and let her take the wheel on this one. That was my second best decision ever ( The first one would be choosing her in the first place. ) She began to do her magic and noticed that I was not taking full advantage of the situation and even encouraged me to participate more than I was when it came to touching, squeezing etc. Which I began doing and made the whole thing just that much better. I knew that at this point everything was going to be OK and great. She then made sure that I was enjoying myself, which I was and she asked many times throughout the whole thing if what she was doing was pleasurable, which it was. It was nice to see someone who cared so much and wanted to make sure everything was as great as it could possibly be.

There seemed to be nothing that she was not willing to do and not only revoked my V-Card but took care of pretty much all of the other bases for me as well. She can now claim pretty much everything when it comes to all my first experiences. Not one thing that she did was undesirable or unpleasing. While still doing business, she asked me what was the main reason was that I chose her for, just out of curiosity and wanting to make sure that I got the best experience possible and that all my needs were fulfilled. I explained to her while she had great beautiful face, smile, great body, T&A, etc, that I was a legs person and that when I saw them, I was sold. She took this information and immediately changed everything up so that I got a perfect view of her beautiful long legs, the opportunity to go ahead and touch them while doing business. After doing that for awhile it was my choice to figure out what I liked best and or if I had any ideas and what to do next. I went ahead and chose one of the positions that we tried out previously that I really enjoyed and at that point finished off since everything was so great and pleasurable. She did everything in her power to make sure the ending was over the top, which it was.

At that point the physical part was over but not the experience, got cleaned up and then had some leftover time for cuddling and talking. She opened up to me and I did as well while we talked about music, video games, etc. She could not of had a better taste in music and games. Along with that I asked her some personal questions about what I could improve upon and sought honesty, which I received and it was much appreciated. I am going to be working on my rhythm for sure all the other advice she shared with me.  ”Gotcha” Also, she made great eye contact during everything which I greatly admired.

After that, time was up and it was time to get dressed and leave. She was very appreciative of everything and so was I. She showed me out to the door, gave me a huge smile, hug and said that she had a great time and invited me back to come back whenever. I left the LoveRanch at that point a new person and with a great set of memories as well.

If your looking for someone who is compassionate, intelligent, beautiful, caring, energetic, affectionate, ambitious, considerate, encouraging, friendly, helpful, honest, polite, respectful, sincere, and lastly skillful, then Roxanne Price is the perfect choice. She is the whole package.

Lastly, I made a quick trip to Vegas after my visit and got lucky on one of the slots ( on the second spin, I’m not a big gambler ) and won a decent size jackpot. I have put this money away and made an envelope with the “Return to LoveRanch Fund”, which I am looking forward to using after my surgery and fully recovering. I cant think of anything better than another experience with Roxanne and would be "definitely" willing to fly across the country again to let it reoccur.

Sorry for the novel, but I really wanted to give out the credit in which she deserves.