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by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

A while back while visiting the Love Ranch, I met this sexy young lady. Her name was Roxanne Price. We sat and talked at the bar. I knew right then we were destined for a future party. The one problem was we could never work out a time. We had the place. Finally, we scheduled for New Year's. That way we could celebrate a late Christmas, but ring in the New Year right. I made the drive over Highway 80 as the road was clear. Roxanne met me wearing her sexy robe that I asked to don. We even got the VIP room on such a popular night. Roxanne went that extra mile to secure the big bed.​After our negotiation, we went straight to the VIP room. I slowly undressed Roxanne and we jumped straight into bed. It was a very cold Winter's night but our naked bodies pressed against each kept us nice and warm. Roxanne said she wanted to please me in every way and she sure did. Time seemed to slow down in this party and we made every minute count. We ended in my favorite position, which turned out to be hers too! Roxanne gave me the full GFE. Just what I wanted. The long wait for this party made it even better. Roxanne will treat you right.

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

​During my trip to the ranches this week I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Roxanne. On prior trips I have seen her, but never had a chance to party with her. This trip I made arrangements to party with the amazing Roxanne. Roxanne’s demeanor on Livestream is only a glimmer of this sweet and fun lady. Besides the obviously physical beauty, Roxanne immediately puts one at ease with her disarming personality. The booking was quick and painless. Our party was everything I hoped for and more. She took the time to ensure we had the perfect party for me… And she delivered in spades.Thank you Roxanne for the amazing party and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

​After a wonderful experiment is spontaneity last year (I booked a flight and party within 24 hours), I figured I’d try the opposite extreme for 2016 and plan a party in advance… by six months! This made for some lovely palpable anticipation (and less-stressful traveling). It also allowed me time to relax for a day after my long flight, check out the fantastic Virginia City, and pick up some surprise flowers for my lady of the evening, Miss Roxanne Price at the LoveRanch North.Seeing Roxanne walk out in her flattering black robe and captivating smile gave me butterflies, and I knew this encounter would be absolutely worth the wait. She really dug the flowers and immediately calmed my nerves with her disarmingly casual and talkative personality. Being my first trip to the Love Ranch North, she gave me a quick tour culminating in a fantastic suite complete with a romantic fireplace and relaxing bath. Negotiation was a breeze and Roxanne walked me to the friendly cashier.Then, finally, I was behind closed doors exploring the delightful curves of this gorgeous and sweet young lady I’d been fantasizing about for so long. She gave me exactly the relaxing, sexy, and enlightening experience I needed.Roxanne Price is thoughtful, quick with a compliment, and truly aims to please. She awakened a hunger in me and a boost in confidence that I’ll tentatively carry back into the dating scene. Don’t miss a chance to spend some time with her!

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

​This thread is about the backstory, first impressions, and after effects. I’m not the type to write fan mail, or anything like that, but this experience was too amazing not to document it.After a long time of beating around the bush, I finally joined the Bunny Boards. I’ve had a considerable dry spell, and I wanted to break the cycle completely. I’ve always been more of a lurker, so I spent some time scouting around and looking for someone who would fit me well. I can say now that after visiting the ranches I understand why this board is so busy, and thriving! I met some very cool women, staff members, and fellow customers on my miniature vacation. All of you are a fun crowd, and I hope to come out again!Back on topic – After awhile of scouring the boards I came across Roxanne Price’s profile. I was definitely intrigued by her appearance, but when I started to read about her, I realized how many things that we had in common! It wasn’t long before I decided to send her a message. She was prompt with her response, so I let her know when I was coming out for a visit. The scheduling process was surprisingly easy, and for that I am grateful.Skip ahead to the day of:After some anticipation, we were finally able to cross paths! Roxanne is gorgeous in person… Her mannerisms are youthful, and down to earth. We had an interesting conversation for a good while before going to her room. I felt comfortable negotiating the party with her, and she was extremely appreciative of my generosity. The party itself was natural, and flowed smoothly! Overall, I felt empowered, and was able to walk away with a slightly different frame of mind. Good stuff.

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

I first met Roxanne early last year as she was heading home for vacation We spoke very briefly but her charm and wit was very intoxicating. I knew from there that someday Roxanne and I will finally spend time together. Fast forward to this summer Roxanne and I made it official that we would have our date on Halloween Weekend. As I was sitting at the bar she greeted me in a beautiful black dress with a nice warm hug and kiss. Roxanne has such a warm and fun loving personality that you're automatically drawn to her at first sight. We sat and talked at the bar for awhile to get better acquainted before we headed back to her room. She is very smart, professional, courteous, nerdy, funny and talks a little dirty which was perfectly fine with me. After a little time prepping we made our way back the V.I.P suite which has a beautiful and swanky layout and I mentioned to her that I never partied in the suite before which surprised her since I've been a regular for years. After taking care of business with the cashier we went back to the suite.From there we wasted no time getting undressed and started caressing one another and then I began kissing her 38D breasts which were so smooth and delicate. Roxanne's skin is so soft and smooth I couldn't stop caressing her. We started off in the hot tub with some soft touching and kissing. Roxanne is an amazing kisser with her soft lips and masterful tongue. Things got hotter as she showed off her master feet skills by massaging my member as the jet bubbles teased her while I played with her kitty. Getting all worked up we finally moved over to the bed where things got pretty hot and heavy. Showing off her dynamic oral skills by giving me head while I pleasured her clit in some hot 69 action. Roxanne's moans, heavy breathing and dirty talk were so cute as I continued to lick her clit and she continued to give me head until she came for me. From there she got on top and began to straddle me. Her tight hot kitty felt so good bouncing up and down on my member along with her 38 D's as she kissed me passionately and talked dirty as she came again for me. Then it was my turn to pleasure her as she got up and lied on her back. From there I began to kiss her neck, lips, breasts and performed some DATY which she loved. We got into missionary position and I began fucking her really hard. Roxanne breathed and moaned heavily as she continued to talk dirty as the bed rocked. Having cummed for me multiple times she wanted me to come for her. Looking into her eyes I continued to pound her kitty until I finally exploded inside of her and then collapsed on top of her. We then cleaned up had a little pillow talk and jumped into the tub to get clean. As much as I didn't want it to end I knew it had to. We then got dressed she kissed me good night and she went home.Roxanne is a giver and wants you to have the best experience with her as possible and will go the extra mile to make you feel right at home. If you guys/girls haven't partied with her yet please do so you won't regret it. Roxanne thank you once again from the bottom of my heart; You gave me an experience I will never forget and you will be in my thoughts every time I think of our time together. We will see each other again I know it. ​

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with Roxanne Price, A lot of this review might be a repeat of what others have already said. So I apologize for not being original but I think it’s important to highlight and reconfirm major points in order to help new comers make their decision.Let me start by talking about Roxanne’s beauty. Those pictures of her that you see online are actually understated. I don’t know if it was the excitement of finally meeting her in person or the fact that she is such a sweet person and inner beauty does contribute to outer beauty. Whatever the reason, I’m also one of those people that believe, from head to toe, Roxanne is even prettier in person. That smile of hers lights up my world.As far as negotiations are concerned, I will also echo what others have previously said. Roxanne made negotiations quick and easy. As she as stated online, she proved to be a lady of her word and worked with my budget. It didn’t take us long at all to reach an agreement that we were both comfortable with.Understand that Roxanne has been on my list of ladies that I have wanted to party with for some time. It was initially based on her looks and numerous great reviews. However, the desire to spend time with her grew even greater once I started reading about her and watching her on line. She has been with clients from all walks of life and with many different experiences, Alt though she welcomes anyone; she has a great compassion for people, who have had little or no opportunities for sex, love and affection. Roxanne understands that sex, love and affection are part of the basic needs that everyone has. Any psychologists will tell you that. These needs are critical to building confidence and self esteem. I know one of these days Roxanne will move on to bigger and better things in life. For right now, though, Roxanne’s mission and purpose is to reach out and help this group of people and improve their quality of life. In my book this makes her very, very cool.I’m not a virgin but I am in a wheelchair. Roxanne didn’t hesitate when I reached out to make an appointment with her. Several days before I arrived at the ranch Roxanne contacted me in an effort to get to know more about me so that our time together could be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible and to see if there were any special accommodations that I required.I never really have considered it necessary to discuss the details of the parties that I’ve had over the years. So I won’t do that here either. I would just like to talk about Roxanne’s main attributes which are very important. I had two separate parties with Roxanne over two days. She provided me with a combination of both a Girlfriend Experience and Porn Star Experience. She was always, polite and considerate. She was accommodating in regards to all my wants and desires. Trust me when I also say that the lady has a variety of great skills in her arsenal of love. One of the best things that I liked best about our parties was that they weren’t scripted. We went with the natural flow. We talked, laughed and joked like old friends. It was also great being able to hold Roxanne close and see her smile. Looking at her smile made me smile and made my day. In addition to all of this, Roxanne was very sensual, playful and affectionate the entire time and she made sure I received a lot of caressing. Roxanne is the perfect girlfriend.If you’ve never had the pleasure of spending time with Roxanne I highly recommend that you make an appointment and experience the joy of Roxanne firsthand.