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by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

​I promised Alice I would write her a review before and always forgot so I’m writing this one while I wait for my plane so I don’t forget and don’t get glared at by her.I was supposed to come right out Friday night after work but things ran late so I wouldn’t arrive until after Alice was supposed to leave. Since I was just hoping to drop in and didn’t have anything set I told Alice I couldn’t make it. She suggested we do a late breakfast instead since we were going to spend most of the day together anyways and obviously that sounded too good to resist.I dropped by Sagebrush in the morning I probably didn’t get enough sleep but I figured Alice and I would keep each other mutually caffeinated. As soon as Alice saw me she came right over with that bewitching grin and gave me a huge hug. She looked amazing she was in a black dress with small flowers on it she wore it just for me because I had made it really clear that black is my favorite color on her. After a brief catch up we headed off did the requisite administrative discussions and were off for breakfast. Alice took me to a bakery (I think it was just called La Bakery) she knows the best places. I had croissants and a cake pop and I found out how much Alice loves cannoli which I’ll have to remember and we just spent a lot of time chatting about what’s been going on in our lives and in the world.After breakfast we went back to Sagebrush and I got to see Alice’s new room and it’s just beautiful and spacious. We had our fun and I admit despite trying to talk myself up to it more we didn’t do anything kinky really but it was great anyways. After more hanging out in her room and watching a movie Alice texted Roxanne to come over as we worked out a two girl party earlier. Between the boards and twitter I felt like I knew Roxanne a fair bit and she made it super easy to feel comfortable with her. It wasn’t long into a get-to-know-you chat that Alice started kissing Roxanne’s neck and not too long until I couldn’t resist joining in. Well I wasn’t sure if I could handle two girls but between having an earlier party and both girls being very good at what they do I think I held my own. I must say Alice’s bed is so comfy and huge it’s perfect for more than one girl.Initially that was all the time I had planned on spending with Roxanne but after that party I could see why Alice and JAG and others are hooked on her. So we made our arrangements to include her in the rest of the date. I took the girls out bowling. My dad owns a bowling alley and I grew up playing so when Alice said she liked bowling I knew I wanted to take her. I’m a great bowler and a bit competitive so the girls took it upon themselves to level the playing field. I couldn’t imagine two more lovely distractions lol Also bowling when *ahem* excited is surprisingly tricky.After I won a couple of games we grabbed some groceries and headed back to my room for dinner. Kind of limited with supplies and equipment but managed an alright meal. Then we crashed on the bed for cuddles and a movie. I’ve never been a middle spoon before that was interesting! I had hoped for a round three but between still being on Jersey time and not getting enough sleep I didn’t think it was in the cards but before I called it a night the cuddling took a fun turn and we were off again. After that we called it a night and I returned my ladies to the ranches.I’ve always loved my time with Alice and I have to say now that I really get the Roxanne crush and they’re far more fun together in person than they seem online. Any guy is lucky to party with either of them but if you can manage to get them both do it.

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

I was in town last weekend and didn't have the means to stay for the big man's birthday, but I wanted to see Alice and Roxanne before I had to leave. We were able to keep in contact to adjust the party time just a few hours before we started.After showing up with starbucks to make sure Alice gets her fix  We quickly settled the bill and moved to the fantasy suite. Things moved quickly and we moved to the couch then the bed. They fulfilled my every fantasy. Especially my oral fixation. Trust me when I say these two taste as good as the look. After everything was said and done. Sadly I had to go and Alice and Roxanne had to get ready for Dennis's birthday bash. Alice escorted to the door with a huge smile on my face and a hop in my step.As always I can't thank Alice and Roxanne enough for the experience they gave me. I can't recommend these two ladies enough. They will rock your world and fulfill your every desire.

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

Roxanne and I had planned a Thursday party back in June while she was at the KK but since I was gone most of June we just moved it to later in July. Flexibility is always good. I was headed out to the LRN and went on line to check the boards and read Alice's post on a trifecta party with Roxanne, Phoenix and her... So I sent Alice a quick note. When I got to the LRN, Roxanne said she already had heard from Alice and she was on her way over to "talk". Now, talking with Alice and Roxanne is always fun but talking about the trifecta made it even more interesting and we decided that we should plan for one in the future. Alice then said that since she was already there, she'd love to join in our party and Roxanne and I agreed that was a great idea and what a party it was. We all were getting naked and Roxanne and I met in front of one of the large mirrors for a bare hug...bare hugs are a great way to start any party. I sat back on the bed and Roxanne sat on my lap just when Alice came over and started a lap dance on Roxanne. Things were warming up when I showed Alice I had one of Roxanne's boobs, so Alice grabbed the other one and we began to see which one of us could make Roxanne's nipple the longest and hardest... Tied on that one.  Alice then began to back up on the bed and winked so I followed her and began working my way up as she spread her legs and Roxanne followed me up the bed and grabbed my ... Oops. I guess I should keep the "rest of the story" between us. I can share that each of us got time on top, on bottom, on side, and on the floor... That was a fun place. So, next time your in the area and at the LRN or Sage or KK...get smart and have a good neighbor party with Alice and Roxanne.

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

I can't just write a short review. I can't avoid being a bit graphic. Plus, I had to turn the rental car in earlier than my flight and I have typed this review from Reno International Airport with time to kill.Round 1 had such an effect on me. It will be my treasured memory. I owed it to Roxanne and Alice to splurge on an outdate after such an epic party. Apparently, I owed it to myself also.We had such a great time in public, refraining from joking too loud in innuendo about every last thing. The ladies were genuinely themselves and let their guards down. Alice told the ranch management that we would be gone an hour and it rolled easily past 2 hours. We were having such a great time. But that's not why you readers are still here.Anyway, back to the ranch....I wanted to use the words of so many songs to describe this party. But I will keep it short and only include the opening verses of John Lennon's "#9 Dream" as they would be appropriate here.So long agoWas it in a dream, was it just a dream?I know, yes I knowSeemed so very real, it seemed so real to meI decided to revisit Alice's specialty and had her tie my arms to the bed. I wanted to feel helpless as these ladies did as they wished to me, unable to grab or direct anything. They started out giving me a taste- something was always against my cock and my face. They had intended to tickle or bite or scratch and deprive me by taking away what I had already tasted- keeping things just out of reach, but they both picked up that I had gone into some kind of dream state from the things they were doing. There was no point in trying to entice my senses in that state as I was already as enticed as I could be. I am one who believes in finding the spirituality of a moment under the stars or at the beach or wherever, and I definitely left my mind behind and just rode out this experience. At the beginning, Roxanne had put on classic rock, mostly Led Zeppelin. I think she discovered how the music of my youth allows me to escape into the words and relive youth. Heavy focus on the music and my dream state allowed me to stay hard and keep going. After a bit, Alice even figured she might as well untie me and give me use of my arms back as I was clearly where I needed to be.Here, I must apologize to Alice. With my hands free and staying in my dream state, I relived a teenage moment of making out and caressing the face and body of the woman in front of me- but now it was Roxanne. I was so focused on Roxanne with some kind of puppy-love look on my face. She knew it too. She kept telling Alice, "Look at his face." I kept pulling her face to mine and said to let Alice do all the work "down there." That moment seemed to last for hours. By the way, Alice knows how to stop just short of pain and use some kind of pressure points on the balls. I can't tell you how much it was with her hands or her mouth, but it's heaven.Alice is such a team player- she let me have my dream uninterupted. She stayed down there and let me fall in love with Roxanne's face. Alice only changed things up when it was time to move along toward the second finish of the party. The intercom had said time was up and Alice kept going into overtime with her mouth and then her hands to leave me with the happiest of happy endings. The first ending was kind of a minor event during my dream state, so this was my big release. I was supposed to let Alice know when I was about to finish but I was still making out with Roxanne and let's just say it was a wonderful mess, a great end to the dream.We went past our time and lingered on and on with conversation and hugs and kisses forever. I couldn't tell you if I spent a few hours or half-a-day with these two wonderful ladies. It was perfection. My problem now is that I am hooked, but won't be able to come back probably until next July.On my way out the door, I found a lively discussion going on around the fire pit. Sindy, Remy, Sadie, Shelby, maybe some more ladies and the poster named Freekygeek were having a great time. I joined in. I wish I could say we passed a marijuana cigarette or a bong around to complete my teenage moment, but no. I stayed for a couple rounds of drinks (with me just having water). I promise I will write a separate review of our fire pit chat that completed the evening. I set the cruise control below the speed limit as I drove back to Reno so that I wouldn't speed like I did as a teen. What a night.

by Anonymous on Roxanne Price GFE

I wanted to write my review while I am still high from the effects of this party. So magic starts to happen when one enters Wonderland (which means partying with Alice Little). I did have plans for another party with another lady, but it didn't work out. A lady that caught my eye was Roxanne Price. But I really really liked the feeling of a connection that Alice and the other lady developed with me for months prior to partying. Roxanne didn't really know me long enough for that to happen. But Alice said great things about her and I went to meet Roxanne across the street after my party with Alice. I wasn't the nervous mess that Alice met a couple hours prior, but was feeling good and bold from my party.Roxanne is either one of the greatest courtesans out there and can become the lady with perfect chemistry or else she and I really had perfect chemistry. She got my jokes without explaining, she picked up on my using humor for conversation and kidded back with me. She loved my boldness (thanks, Alice) and I loved her confidence. She totally went beyond my expectations of her- absolutely gorgeous, the hourglass figure I was reading about and imagining, such a great conversationalist. I won't say she could always do this, but I had come by early afternoon on a slow weekday, so Roxanne sat with me and made up for us not knowing each other well. We talked, we laughed, we shared, we negotiated, I even went for BBQ and ate with her when I came back. Roxanne made me have to have her.Our negotiation was for a party 4 days later, as I had solid plans with friends until then. I expected to book a short party for an hour, maybe more, and add a 30 minutes extra July special she had mentioned. But after telling Alice that I wasn't ever really interested in a two-girl party, Roxanne asked if I wanted a two-girl experience- party with her for two hours and have Alice join us for a second hour, and she quoted a price that was too good to say no to. I stopped her mid-sentence and said "DONE!" before she might have decided she should have asked for more money. I already knew that Alice took me to her incredible Wonderland and that this should be a mind-bending party.So 4 days later, Roxanne and I partied. Alice had already dealt with my nervousness at the previous party, so going into this party was easier. From our time 4 days before, Roxanne knew what I needed. I was there for a boobs lover's dream come true. Boy-oh-boy is Roxanne made for that. I will not turn this into erotica, but will just say those boobs did all kinds of magic, along with her lips, ass, hands, and her own Wonderland. An hour with Roxanne did not fly by because I was so thoroughly satisfied when it was over, and then Alice joined us for the second hour. Well, I already knew how wonderful a party with Alice was. Apparently, I wasn't thoroughly satisfied enough for these ladies. I was going to have to go down the rabbit hole again. (Double-entendre is intentional) Proportionally for her petite size, Alice's boobs are pretty awesome- maybe a nice "C" cup. And certainly, while I wanted it to be all about boobs, these ladies made sure it wasn't just that.I couldn't have imagined escaping into a better fantasy double GFE than these two passionate beauties gave me. It was such a great time for me, the party of my life. When we were done, I booked another party with both of them together for a few days later. Even if we top this one, it won't mean as much as the first. But I probably thought that same about my first party with just Alice, and I was so wrong. These two ladies are definite all-stars.