Text Me On SextPanther!

Text Me On SextPanther!

Using SextPanther's texting service is the most respectful and generous way to get to know me better. Your cell number is kept completely private while the billing transactions are discreet. Most escorts and models do not engage in sexual or lengthy conversations without some form of compensation made upfront. I appreciate the support of my audience, and I'm very grateful to have this platform to speak to you guys on! That being said, I get anywhere from 20-30 messages a day from men wanting to text with me through email and on Twitter. My social media is primarily for answering business inquiries and keeping up with my regular patrons. I deeply admire connecting with the opposite sex mentally, but managing a sex work brand takes up all of my time. I'm sure by now you can understand why SextPanther is appealing to ladies like myself!

Investing in me through this convenient app is the number one guaranteed way to receive my time, attention, and gratitude. So, if you're feeling a lack of connection or intimacy in your life, then why not invest in a guaranteed response from a beautiful model? Spoiling each other can provide mutual and exciting feelings of joy! There's nothing wrong with being able to fulfill your carnal desires within an instant. We can take things slow, or jump right into sexting... The choice is all yours!


After you've added my number we can text or exchange pictures and videos. We can even schedule a phone call together! Once you've created an account you'll be rewarded with five credits, free of charge. 1 credit equals 1 US dollar, so you'll need to purchase credits to have them ready for our chats! I always have my phone on hand, so you can expect to hear from me within a few minutes assuming that I'm not busy. It’s worth noting that I have a rebellious side of me that absolutely loves the thought of sending you a sexy picture while I'm running errands, so don't be surprised if I start getting excited while shopping in the grocery store! Sexting has always been a huge turn-on of mine. What’s more, casually chatting and exchanging titillating texts seems like the perfect way to get a sample taste of the Girlfriend Experience that I pride myself in! If you feel that there's an unbearable amount of anticipation being built up between us from texting each other, then you're always welcome to visit me at Sheri's Ranch outside of Las Vegas to finish what we've started. Nothing compares to being able to taste and smell your partner, but everything leading up to that point can make for a sexually intense experience!


About Exchanging Nudes and Naughty Videos

We can exchange pictures and videos through SextPanther, and they can be of anything that you'd like to share! We can send each other selfies or nudes...whatever keeps the conversation flow exciting! You can even ask for me to send specific videos and pictures tailored just for you. I can send you as many pictures as you'd like, and the videos that I can send through SextPanther are 20 second videos. I'm excited to hear what you'll request me to do!


About Scheduling Phone Calls

After texting back and forth for a while I will be curious about what your voice sounds like. I'm especially turned on by a man’s voice over the phone! The low tones of your voice will be like music to my ears. We can talk about how your day went, get to know each other, and talk dirty to each other all in the same phone call. The choice is yours! Let’s schedule an exciting call that works for the both of us.


Conversational Intimacy

I love articulating my thoughts in a flirtatious way! During my time as a GFE companion I began to understand that it's okay to be the adorable oddball that I was meant to be! I can't explain how amazing it feels to have all of your quirks fully accepted by your partner. I believe that everyone deserves to know what that feels like. I'm definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but by advertising myself in an authentic way I can meet gentlemen that share similar values, interests, and those lovely personality quirks that others just can't seem to understand. When building intimacy through conversation it's important to be yourself and exist in the moment with your partner. There's no need to overthink our flirtatious fun. That's the beauty of having a no-strings-attached vibe relationship! I'm not a judgmental person at all, so you're safe being yourself with me. The Girlfriend Experience fits perfectly with how my personality is wired! If you ask me for a GFE then be prepared to feel romanced and wanting more after our first conversation!


Sex Advice for Newbies

Educating adult virgins on how to ease themselves into the dating scene has always been a passion of mine. I love helping people become their best selves, so providing a sexual education experience is the best way to remedy the lack of intimacy in an adult virgin's life. I know what a woman likes to hear, feel, and see. Being able to advise my customers with this information has helped improve their love lives, and I'm excited to help more individuals. Once again, my non-judgmental nature is perfect for this service. If you're an adult virgin who would like to work on your sex life then please send me a text! It would be my pleasure to have a positive impact on your life in this way!


Confidence Booster

Getting back into the swing of dating after a difficult breakup can feel daunting. Sometimes your confidence takes a toll from a long-term relationship ending. You’re not alone, however. While it is important to take time for yourself and reflect on what went wrong, finding a professional to help support your emotional and sexual needs could be exactly what you need. If you're wanting to move on then it's important to talk about your feelings, but you might not always have a confidant to help you with the healing process. Having access to a no-strings-attached relationship online will definitely make the in-between stages of being single much more tolerable. And who knows, if you find a new partner and feel ready for a new relationship someday, the transition may be much smoother than you expect!


Erotic Fantasy Role-Play

I have a naturally submissive demeanor which can make erotic role play through sexting an extremely satisfying experience. Being able to please a dominant man makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I'm a Daddy's girl, and I want to be treated like a princess... If you think I'm deserving of spoiling of course! We can role play to your heart’s desire! I want to learn about all of your kinks and satisfy them fully.


Thank you for reading my blog about SextPanther! I will put my profile link down below, and I'm excited to hear from you!



Text Me On SextPanther!

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