Current Tour Dates at Sheri's Ranch

March 19-31

April 16-22

June 4-17



If you're interested in spending some quality time together, please fill out my contact form so that we can see what dates will work best for the both of us.

While I do try my best to accommodate short notice appointments, I feel most at ease when the date is booked at minimum one weeks in advance. I work with my manager to schedule my tour dates for three months out, so if you have any questions about a date that isn't listed then please send an inquiry my way! You can keep up with my schedule by following my Twitter account, or checking my Sheri's Ranch profile for more information!

Sheri's Ranch has a hotel that guests can stay overnight in, and I highly recommend renting your own vehicle while in Vegas. Driving a rental is the cheapest form of transportation when traveling to Sheri’s. After we've agreed to a date and time you'll need to call Sheri's office to finalize our appointment with the office. I'm happy to take appointments anytime during 12pm - 6pm, and the latest that I can be available is typically 9pm. If you were hoping for a different time frame then just ask me about it, and we will make it work! You can call to schedule our appointment at: (866) 820-9100