Specialty Parties

Girlfriend Experience & Multi Girl



There are two types of encounters that I excel at providing.

The Girlfriend Experience - The "GFE" is something that fits naturally with my personality type. I'm extremely open with the customers that I meet, delivering my personality in its most genuine form. I provide a non-rushed encounter and a gentle touch while partaking in the activities that you're most interested in exploring. During a "GFE" my priority is to make my guest feel comfortable. I stick to keeping the mood organic and going with the flow. The little details that make a "GFE" with me special are the moments where we make eye contact, pillow talk, and get lost in each other's kisses.

Multi Girl Parties - I take the "GFE" attitude wherever I go with my encounters, and this is present in the threesomes that I provide as well. I enjoy taking the role of the supportive/sex positive partner. I focus on you and the lady that will be joining us with the care that you both deserve. During a professional threesome you do not have to feel anxious about pleasing both of us equally. The three of us will let the pleasure flow naturally, and it will be a jealousy free zone.


Why should you book an appointment with Roxanne?

1. I focus on leaving a positive impact on my customers. If you feel that you have been lacking intimacy in your life for some time now, then please schedule with me. I'd like to try and give you what advice I've learned about human sexuality. I'm objective yet passionate about giving helpful service to all of my clients.

2. I take my professional status very seriously. I conduct myself in a classy manner, but I'm still a carefree spirit. I want to get to know you during our date while also keeping our relationship "no strings attached". My goal is to give you the best of both worlds.

3. I will respect you and your budget. I want this to be an easygoing experience for everyone involved. I do not take parties that I feel my customer would be overspending on. I have my own hourly rate, but the beauty of negotiations is that we can respectfully meet each other in the middle. I believe that being considerate of my client's budget is key to being a credible provider.


If you'd like to schedule an appointment with me then feel free to fill out my contact form! There's a lot more to my personality, so if you take the time to meet me you will not be disappointed by the amount of depth and stimulation that I can provide for you!